Go Pop with Pattern and Colour

Compose an interior using a monochrome, graphic wallpaper as a backdrop to bursts of color and texture.

Fan black white wallpaper


Using our FAN wallpaper pattern, to form a rhythmic, balanced background layer, for the brighter palette of furnishings.

Black and white wallpaper samples

Our broad range of geometric wallpapers bring definition and individuality to an interior.

Spiral wallpaper


SPIRAL  creates a sense of space, and allows a room to breathe. Here it has been hung horizontally, to help make the room feel wider.

Fan navy white wallpaper with yellow kitchen


FAN  in navy blue / white creates a slightly softer backdrop in the interior, in this interior by Folsom studios, complimenting the yellow and turquoise surfaces and contrasting the natural wood.


If you are looking to maximise or tailor your colour, we also print bespoke wallpaper to order. For example we match to Pantone shades, or paint references. FIND OUT MORE


Wallpaper Brochure

New Brochure (Autumn 2023)

Explore our current designs and materials, and learn more about our design processes and ethos. Find inspiration for your project. Download here…

Quiet Luxury wallpaper

Beneath the Surface of Quiet Luxury

‘Quiet luxury’ signals a classic, understated confidence in interiors, fashion and everything in between. However, with wallpapers favouring bombastic florals and attention grabbing palettes of late, how does this concept translate into wallcoverings Read more…

How to combine our wallpapers with the leading paint brands

Paint a picture

A selection of paint shades that get our seal of approval and work best with our wallpapers. Read more…

Julie Holloway studio using Fan grey white wallpaper

Where there’s a wall there’s a way

Looking at how to use Erica Wakerly wallpapers in a range of ways to create different effects. Read more…

Form tiles by Erica Wakerly

Collaboration with KAZA: 3D wall tiles

Erica Wakerly’s collection of 3D ‘Form’ wall tiles for Kaza, are designed to be used in any combination, for minimum or maximum impact. Read more…

Polly Dunbar Decoration

The Polly Dunbar Decoration collection

How renowned illustrator and author Polly Dunbar and Erica Wakerly created the intriguing and beautiful wallpaper collection ‘Wallflowers’. Read more…