Angles copper wallpaper

Wallpaper by Erica Wakerly

Wallpaper designs that bring a sense of light, structure and harmony to any space.

Erica Wakerly is an industry innovator, her rationalist approach has redefined traditionally held opinions about interior décor with the pioneering introduction of metallic, linear and geometric designs.

Developed with an architectural sensibility, every element of the collection has been created using a unique combination of sophisticated, modern techniques and time-honoured craftsmanship.

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Our production values

Our stocked wallpapers are produced using highly skilled processes that have changed little from the 19th century.

Pigments are mixed by hand and eye, applied to form a depth and subtle texture on the surface of the wallcovering. They have a hand printed character, only achievable with traditional printing.

We use actual foils for our metallic finishes, which provide a truly reflective quality.

All of our wallpapers are FSC and VOC certified and fire rated for both commercial and residential use.

Wallpaper - Spiral design by Erica Wakerly

Geometric wallpaper

A collection of architecturally inspired geometrics.

Perfectly proportioned designs, which form a backdrop or focal point, creating a sense of space and allowing a room to breathe.

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Metallic silver wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper

A wide range of stocked metallic wallcoverings.

Made with reflective foils, the collection is designed to create atmosphere, reflecting both natural and ambient light and colour within a space.

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We provide samples to allow you see the quality of the wallpaper, and delightful subtly of the print marks, which are not easy to represent on screen.

They also allow you to check the suitability of colour, finish and scale, before ordering rolls.

Samples are free* of charge.

To order samples, email us with:

• Your name
• Your postal address
• The name(s) and colour(s) of the design(s) you are interested. Please explore the designs in the section below for this.

* costs may apply for international delivery

wallpaper samples

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Angles silver white custom scale

Custom wallpaper

Alongside our stocked collections, we produce bespoke wallpaper to order, customising colour, scale and design for a wide range of projects.

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