Metallic Wallpaper

We stock a wide range of metallic wallpaper using foils that provide a unique reflective finish.

We combine the foils with age old printing processes, mixing coloured pigments by hand and eye, so our papers are rich in character, and provide the surface of the wall with true depth.

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Geometric Wallpaper

A collection of architecturally inspired geometric wallpaper, ranging from pure monochrome patterns to opulent metallic surfaces. Designs which allow your room to breathe.

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Spiral wallpaper


Erica Wakerly designs wallpaper that brings a sense of light, structure and harmony to any space.

An industry innovator, Erica Wakerly’s rationalist approach has redefined traditionally held opinions about interior décor with the pioneering introduction of metallic, linear and geometric designs.

Every element of the collection has been created using a unique combination of sophisticated, modern techniques and time-honoured craftsmanship.

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