Julie Holloway studio using Fan grey white wallpaper

Where there’s a wall there’s a way

Looking at how to use Erica Wakerly wallpapers in a range of ways to create different effects.



Patterned ceilings date back to traditional frescos, ornate plaster and gilding, where they would create a sense of luxury. Nowadays, they can be a surprising and delightful way to create character in a room. Using wallpaper on the ceiling adds detail and a sense of intimacy to an interior, especially in more modern spaces where there is an absence of traditional cornicing.

In a residential project in Sandy Springs, Georgia, Julie Holloway Studio has used our Fan wallpaper in grey / white to provide a minimal backdrop to the light fitting, which is the main focal point of the space.

Consider using one of our metallic wallpapers on the ceiling to reflect the light and create an unexpected accent. Lighter wallpapers and reflective finishes will help to create a sense of openness and space. Darkers colours work best on a high ceiling to bring it closer and connect it with the rest of the room.



Dividing wall using Desert in copper / grey


Dividing wall

Folding screens can be wallpapered to create a unique room divider and create both a focal point and layer of depth within a space.

In a residential project in Australia, our Desert wallpaper in copper / grey has been used to create a partition between the open-plan bathroom and bedroom. Desert is a bold, abstract pattern and it contrasts beautifully with the marble and linen accents in the space, creating an overall sense of comfort and luxury.

When designing a divider, it’s important to consider whether it is intended to be a focal point or a backdrop.

Whole space

Our wallpapers have been designed to provide a complete envelope of pattern and an entire backdrop to the furniture and fixtures in a space.

Marco Antonini Architecture has used our Fan wallpaper in French blue / white, with its sense of vertical and horizontal rhythm, in an apartment in Rome, to open out the space and create a sense of depth. It has been cleverly used to disguise the cupboard doors, adding to the overall flow. The blue tone is a perfect compliment to the wooden finish of the floor and the modern light fittings.

Our collections include an extensive number of light, airy patterns, such as FanWindmillTiltSquares, which naturally lend themselves to a whole space and allow all four walls to become an integral part of the room’s character.

You can completely transform the character of a space with many of our other wall-coverings too, for example, lace-like Pop, shimmering Leaf, or our classic Pinstripe.



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